Our climbing volumes add novelty to any wall. Here are just some of the features that make our volumes worth having:

  • Reinforced for durability
    • Our construction is solid. These volumes are built with strong materials and are reinforced. They're built to last!
  • Gym Rock Lite 
    • Our volumes are painted with Rockwerx's Gym Rock Lite. Its the best volume texture around, it's durable, and it allows for some awesome customization.
  • Superior securability
    • If the mounting hole isn't enough, we have T-nuts placed on the outside edges perpendicular to the wall so you can screw your volume down without wrecking up the surface.



  • Varied bolt hole patterns.
    • The bolt holes are different on every face. If you need a hold placed just right, rotate!

For care and best use practices, please view our Caring for Your Volumes PDF. 

Rockstar Volumes is committed to bringing affordable, high-quality climbing volumes to climbing gyms across the country. Based in Avon, MA, we are climbers and builders at heart, and we've been doing both for years. Now we're putting our experience to use to bring you the best volumes you could ask for!