Dovi has been climbing for about three years, starting out in the gym bouldering and sport climbing. His favorite sport climbing destinations include Puerto Rico, The Red River Gorge and Horseshoe Canyon Ranch. He also spends most nice weekends climbing in Rumney, NH. He has been building furniture and cabinets for 13 years and is the President, co-founder and builder at DBI Woodworks Inc.
Billy Billy helped to develop just about every aspect of volume production, from design in the beginning to putting them up for sale on the website. He has been climbing since 2011 around the Boston area and working at DBI Woodworks since 2013. His outdoor climbing is mostly at Rumney. He has many interests outside just climbing, such as video production, improv, programming, game design, hiking, canoeing, frisbee, and just about anything else that can hold his attention for more than a minute. He started out as the Production Manager in charge of making volumes but now focuses on marketing.
Mikey began climbing in July of 2013. He has always been passionate about fitness and wellness. And climbing has shifted it to a new level. Mikey is primarily a boulderer and loves to explore the outdoors for fresh new projects to clean and chalk up. He's a climber with a vision: turning climbing into a means of recovery. His organization, Climb for Recovery (CFR) is a startup working to build roots in the New England area with plans to expand out to the crags and mountains of east and west alike. CFR is looking to bring a novel and game-changing model to recovery treatment: to get recovery out of a strictly clinical setting and to give participants a powerful tool to rebuild, rock climbing. Through passion and friendship CFR & Rockstar Volumes have come together not only to build a stronger quality product but a stronger community in rock climbing and all walks of life. He started at Rockstar Volumes in 2014.
Ben is a sponsored climber and a talented guy. He's a man of mastery- he never does something unless he knows he can be one of the best. Ben has been climbing since 2009 and started seriously competing in 2013. He has pulled on rock and plastic all over the country. He's talented in other pursuits too, as a skilled musician and clever programmer. 
Ben started climbing in 2011 after watching a documentary about it and his enthusiasm for all things climbing has only grown. Having explored multiple disciplines of climbing from traditional to bouldering, his love currently resides with the movement and challenge of sport climbing. Ben has traveled to various countries and states to experience the enjoyment of rock climbing and his favorite areas are Indian Creek and Naplion, Greece. Currently he owns and operates an online retail company and helps out where/when he can, but believes and fully supports the dedication and skilled craftsmanship of the Rockstar Volumes team.