Tri Again

$82.00 each Weight: 2 lb

If at first you don’t succeed, replace that bad crimp with a jug! Get inspired to make a problem that all your climbers will try over and over until they get the send. This volume adds subtle texture to walls, and can even be used as its own hold. The small ones are perfect for going on our larger volumes to make an even more exciting shape. It's great for any wall angles and it comes with long-lasting textured paint. Available in 21 eye- popping and wall complementing colors!

Sizes  9.5" x 10.5" x 4.5"   3 bolts   MSRP: $82
   14" x 12.25" x 5.75"   9 bolts   MSRP: $119
   24" x 21" x 11"   24 bolts   MSRP: $149

Click here for available colors.

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